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  • Sandwich and fries
  • Mixed salad and dip on the side
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since 2013

About us

Something for Everyone

Tasty eats, delicious drinks and good friends equal your Happy Place. Inga*s Alpine Tavern is one of the best neighborhood pubs in Denver and Glendale. Our kitchen is open late night, our staff is caring and the atmosphere is welcoming. We love our guests from Hill Top, Glendale, Cherry Creek and beyond. You won't find a more eclectic bar that has something for everyone!

Join us at Inga*s Alpine Tavern and Amelia's Place, the patio at Inga*s Alpine Tavern.

est. 2013

Karen’s Calling

Karen knew at the age of 16 that being a restaurateur was her calling. After ten years working at a café and studying hospitality management on Hilton Head Island, Karen felt she was ready to own her own restaurant. A friend from St. Louis told her about a cute little place in Crestwood, MO. She visited and fell in love instantly. What happened next was akin to an old-fashioned barn-raising where the community came out to support her lifelong passion: The Barn was born.